Our Story


Did you know that 2018 is our 20th anniversary in Cosmetic Dermatology? For the past 20 years under the guidance and expertise of dermatologists Dr. Ian Landells, we have been optimizing the full potential of all of our clients’ skin by providing skin care education and consultations, effective and innovative treatments as well as offering a wide range of medical grade skin care products in our retail boutique. And you will never find a better group of people to look after you. Our amazing staff have looked after clients through many stages of their lives, like when their skin went haywire during pregnancies and when they were confused about what were safe products to use when breast feeding. We gave them the best possible glow through engagements and weddings. We extended an understanding and supportive ear through clients’ separations, divorces or the deaths of loved ones when they came to us for something, anything really to boost their self confidence and morale. And then we teared up in the lunchroom because we just sat with a client whose acne and acne scarring was making them miserable, forcing them to become withdrawn and anxious. Nobody else may notice but we know the value of looking in the mirror and feeling good about your skin. Our mission is not to “sell” but to help our clients achieve their skin care goals in the best way possible. With integrity and expertise. This is our story so far. We look forward to the next 20 years.

10 Sun Safety Tips That You Need To Know

  1. There is nothing good about getting a “base tan”. Any time you tan, it’s a sign of injury and DNA damage to the skin. Your skin produces the pigment melanin to protect itself against even more DNA damage than has just occurred by getting the “base tan”.
  2. The SPF in your foundation isn’t enough. You’ll never apply enough foundation to reap the benefits of the SPF on the label. If you do you will look like a clown:)
  3. Tanning in a solarium can be even more dangerous than natural sun. Tanning beds removed the UVB radiation that causes your skin to burn which is your body’s self defense mechanism to warn you to get out of the sun. It’s like removing the batteries from your smoke detector!
  4. You don’t just get sun damage while you’re at the beach. Two thirds of all sun damage is incidental. Time spent commuting, running errands, walking, gardening, or enjoying a coffee outdoors, all add up to cumulative exposure resulting in damage to your skin.